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Follow Your Dreams (you may just be a genius)


Whatever gave fusion to a million thoughts of random acts of insanity may have caused a state of genius delirious.

Its not such a bad thing in academic speak; Einstein, Beethoven, Van Gogh settled for nothing less than psychosis to capture working science, music that tastes and a canvas that fornicates with the eye.

The trick of the trade is to use the fear to advantage. The very state that makes you regress into the womb again is the very state that we must conquer and absolve.

It is imposed on us at childhood. A patchwork of ideas knitted into the synapses of our very subconscious in an attempt to sift through those who want something so bad it makes them ache and those who chose to take the easy path in life.

The fear is of fear itself. Nothing more and nothing less. We were not born with it but our cells absorbed its fight or flight responses and questioned our beliefs.

Remember when you wanted to be an actor, and astronaut or a scientist? The very idea could be laughed at in its naivety from your siblings or your peers. And so you accepted this as a dream of excess and absorbed fear as a consequence. What if I am not capable of doing this like my mother said?

Maybe it is better sometimes to be ‘insane’ and not recognise this as a chain of responses and simply believe that ‘delusional’ dream as reality.

Why is it that the most intelligent and influential people of our time are often schizophrenic or hyper delusional?

Is it because people didn’t believe in them? Do we need this? Can we cope without it? Or do we risk pimping our minds for the general public to scorn, only to find ourselves a corpse in the ground and a memory of us is left in a multi-million dollar empire with no worth in the grave?

Follow your dreams – you might just surprise yourself.

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