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Fortune favours the brave

Eight years ago I was working the publishing 9 to 5 grind in Melbourne and decided to take a solo weekend away with my MTB somewhere. I'd been following a site called which had just been launched. It's first listing was a teepee on a large property overlooking Bells Beach on the Surf Coast of Victoria, surrounded by plenty of mountain bike trails, not to mention overlooking one of the most famous surf breaks in Australia. So I booked it out for a couple of nights.

In true Victorian-style it started to rain in the middle of summer, but thankfully I was given access to the little house at the back of the property, where I settled in for the day and played tunes and read books while looking out onto the abandoned Globe Skateboards competition ramp relic of the '90s.

Fast forward to 2023, after having moved back to Perth, I met a man in Melbourne on a short visit back on holiday, and so began a relationship shortly after. I was invited to stay at his house on the Surf Coast, and as we drove down a long twisty driveway I could see a teepee in the distance as he took me through to the little house where I had played tunes and read books amidst the Quicksilver paraphernalia and Iron Bark bush. And in the true nature of serendipity, I am currently writing this post looking out onto the same vista where I sat that day - producing and creating content for surf and other outdoor brands.

The point of this story is to show you that taking yourself on adventures as much as possible can open up new possibilities for the future that you don't know of yet.

Fortune favours the brave.


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