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Past, present and future tense

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

I've been revisiting a few old writing and design projects of late - including a contribution I made to "The Heroine's Journey" founded by fellow storyteller, @peterdekuster.

It's a short overview into the thought processes during a more liberating and creative period for me while living semi-off grid in a tiny home in country Victoria.

So much has changed since then and this is why I still own at least 10 different journals and writing pads dating back to the mid-2000s to continuously connect the dots on my past, present and future brain and build upon the old memories in order to conceptualise a new future (which is already the present, as we speak).

I currently reside in Western Australia, but with the turn of a dime and like a monkey on a pogo stick (to quote Stephen King, no less), I might make a quick pivot elsewhere, as change and growth are necessary on "The Heroine's Journey"

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