Digital & Print Media

Anji created and edited Nourish magazine while editing the bimonthly title: Australian Natural Health. 

Nourish pushed the boundaries when it first launched into the competitive magazine market - focusing on sustainability, raw food, and alternative living - it was successfully chosen to be ranged within major supermarkets across Australia. 

Anji then went on to work within book publishing; producing multiple childrens' illustrated books and award-winning educational resources and ebooks.

Her interest in the outdoor sector saw her sidestep into the role of editor of Hema Maps; producing and editing numerous specialised maps, as well as an extensive collection of guides and outdoor lifestyle books.

Within the same year, she was promoted to the role of Senior Editor of Caravan World magazine; where she once again, experimented with new design and editorial concepts to meet the demands of a growing interest in outdoor lifestyle, travel and sustainability



Art & Photography

Anji has contributed both her artwork and photography in exhibitions around Melbourne, Victoria, for the past 10 years.

She has created artwork on the subject of community and connection for a group exhibition at Lentil as Anything, as well as for multiple venues around Melbourne.

Her most recent photo exhibit at the Brunswick Street Gallery in 2018, touched on the theme of 'home' and our perception of home; inspired by her travels across the USA documenting the lives of people living in yurts, RVs, Earthships and communes. She continues to expand on this theme, with upcoming exhibits in 2020 and 2021.

Anji has also created and designed a Constellation Collection of hoodies, t-shirts and baby clothes using intuitive colour design, found here at Pauses & Spaces.



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